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lieumorrison: Media Whore, Repentant

Decanonized, Defrocked, and teh Sainthood Revoked...

3 October 1978
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BTW, I am not a Capricorn...

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All we hear is radio ca-ca... radio goo-goo... radio gah-gah.
Beware of those who know.
Buy American! They're for sale!
"Decanonized, Defrocked, and Teh Sainthood Revoked... Media Whore, Repentant." -lieumorrison 2003
Don't walk in the park at night.
Don't be a victim to paranoia.
Have you reached your capacity?
"I can't wait till rapture, a lot of the people I don't like will disappear." -lieumorrison 2000
"I screw with fate, because fate screws me". -lieumorrison 1996
I'm just a tiny man.
Is this you? Welcome to the human race.
Is this you? Welcome to the future of America.
Join the cops! Kick some ass!
Kill the living bejeebers out of those forces!
My main objective is to be more effective.
New form of gritty radio realism that will live in infamy.
"Orchestrating Villainy by Stealing Your Precious Ch'i... One Entry at a Time." -lieumorrison 2006
The Media is a poison.
The Revolution will not be televised.
The truth is a concept.
The truth is a wall.
Then came the news that would shock and unite this nation like no other event in our history...
This is world news now.
We have things under control.
"You think Microsoft is evil now? Imagine the world in Apple's grasp a couple of years from now." -lieumorrison 2005
Your mind is a weapon, use it.
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